December 15, 2019 Is The Deadline For The Family Information Collection

Welcome Switzers

Calling All Switzers!


We need your help. We can’t do this without you. We need your commitment. 

At this point we currently have 35 people registered as attending the family reunion this coming summer. Thank you to those who have already made the commitment to attend. 

Unfortunately if we DO NOT receive deposits for an additional minimum 65 people to attend the reunion we will have no choice but to cancel the reunion due to lack of interest. We have already paid over $7,000 in non-refundable deposits with the venue and the caterer and we would hate to see that money disappear because we can’t get enough commitment from the family. 

If we don’t have 65 more people registered with deposits by January 15th, 2020 we will be cancelling the reunion and refunding payments and deposits made by those that had already committed. 

If you require a payment plan or subsides for you or your family to attend the reunion please contact us and we will make arrangements that work for you and the reunion.

Day Rates for Registration: If you wish to attend only specific day(s) of the reunion weekend please contact us and we will be able to provide you with prices and information

Again, we need you! We need your help! Talk to your family, your brothers, sisters,  cousins and grandparents and get them to register and send in their deposits.  

Family Information Updates


We are going to extend our deadline for the family information and photo collection because we have had many new family members join our Facebook page and we want to give them the time to update us with their family information. 

Thank you to all of the new family members who have joined us we are excited to hear about your wonderful families. 

The new deadline for sending in your updated family information and photos is December 15, 2019 after this deadline we will accept no other photos or information except for births and family who have passed away. 


Guest List


Please have a look at the guest list on this website for updates of who is attending. We have been excited to add many names over the last week or so.

Why We Hold Reunions? To Create Family Connections And Memories....


We have had a wonderful video created of the special memories that we made during the 2016 reunion. We wanted to share it with the family so that we all remember why these reunions are important to stay connected with our family. 


Family Activities


Keep looking at your emails and the website over the next couple of months for some fun family reunion activities that everyone can participate in even if you are not planning on coming to the reunion. Stay tuned. 

Missing Persons


We have a lot of family that we have a name for but have no other contact information. We are asking if you could go through the list and if you know any of the family members who are on this list, please send us their information or have them get in contact with us. 

For Your Generosity, We Thank You.

Sarah Bleviss

Rick Rodich

Frances Belzberg

William Switzer

Lola Pawer

Leslie Diamond

Shirley Hyman

Ron Silverstein

Pesach Aceman

Judy Yuda

Gena Rotstein

L. Deborah Sword

Annie Brodsky

L. Deborah Sword

Jack Huberman

Frances Belzberg


Family Help

Family Special Talents

We would like to have some family lead activities throughout the reunion. If you have a special talent that you would like to contribute to the weekend please let us know. For example a yoga instructor that would run a practice for the family, a history buff who would like to talk about the family history, someone who is crafty and would like to lead an activity, a balloon animal artist that would like to entertain, etc....

Send Us Your Info

If you would like to run an event at the reunion please send us your name, email address and your talent and we will work with you to incorporate your event into the reunion weekend.

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