Reunion Has Been Canceled

Payment Options

NOTE: If you require a payment plan or a subsidy for you or your family to attend the reunion please contact us and we will make arrangements that work for you and the reunion.

This reunion we are able to take multiple forms of payment. Please choose which one will work best for you.


1. PayPal - Send PayPal payment to

2. Credit card- Send in credit card information and once processed your information will be destroyed. 

    NOTE: There will be a 4% service charge for using a credit card that will be added to the total.

             Name on credit card: 

             Type of card:  

             Credit card number:  

             Expiration date:  

             CVS/CVV code:  

3. Mail in payment - Please make all checks payable to “Mike Sommers” NOT “Switzer Family  Reunion”.     

            All checks should be mailed to:

                  Switzer Family Reunion

                  C/O Mike Sommers, 

                  229 Somerside CL SW, 

                  Calgary AB, Canada,